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Getting Ready Takes So Long

August 5, 2015

Here it is, 12 days from the deadline I set for myself to have courses ready for fall term. How’m I doing? Not so great.

I’m teaching 4 preps this fall, and although they are all courses I’ve taught before, it’s been awhile since I’ve taught a class of college algebra, statistics or survey of algebra.  I also have a Statway class, but that one is pretty well planned out for now. The biggest challenge will be setting up the survey of algebra course. I’ve never taught if from a standards based approach. It’s a developmental course, so it is particularly challenging in terms of getting past student’s closed mindsets about math. I plan to adapt some of my Statway teaching techniques in an effort to improve the success rate for this course. We’ll see.

I’m also involved in 4 initiatives with Carnegie as part of the Pathways. I hope I haven’t spread myself too thinly here! I will be a Carnegie National Faculty, a member of the Curriculum Committee, a faculty Mentor, and working with the Staying Strong initiative.

So, I need to get down to the nitty gritty of planning: construct some syllabi, decide on course policies, get online classes set up (I use these online sites chiefly for homework drills.)

Also, I am trying to be more present here on my blog. I have no academics on Fridays, so that will be my blogging day. I do better when things are scheduled. We’ll see. After all, I don’t call this the Lazy Mathematician for nothing!